About Us


We provide men, from all walks of life, with the opportunity to express their desires, sexuality and sensuality in a way that may not be immediately apparent.
— Michael Zelvis - Owner


For us, VividQ is not a name; it’s a statement! By definition, the word "Vivid" is an adjective that means 'producing powerful feelings or strong images in the mind' and 'intensely deep or bright'. These definitions sum up VividQ’s passion to help men find their inner sexuality, wearing something different and sensual, whether they want to feel provocative, alluring, confident, liberated or comfortable; or all of the above.

But What About the Q?

Q is one of the most unused letters in the English language and we think this makes it unique - just like our mission. We feel that all men, of any age, background, religion, sexuality, gender identity, race, nationality, ability or disability and more, should buck society’s expectations and stigmas, be the unique, beautiful individual they are and be comfortable in their own self.

Be free! Be whatever you are, do whatever you want to do, just so long as you don't hurt anybody.
— Hair (Musical) - Margaret Mead Character
Why Do We Do It?

Women are heavily catered for in the clothing industry - from shoes to outerwear and especially unique, well designed underwear and lingerie. Men, on the other hand, have only a handful of stores and extremely limited styles for which they can shop.

We have always been astonished at how few the offerings were for men or their partners to purchase beautiful underwear and lingerie that's not costumey or poor quality. So, we ask, why should men be destined to wear the same, boring, ugly underwear that that may or may not support their package correctly?

Why shouldn't men also be able feel sexy and confident throughout the day or seductive and alluring in the bedroom? Why can't men be who they are and how they feel without the sense of judgment and stigmatisation in society?

Let's do away with sexual conservatism. Allow us all to be and do what makes us happy - what makes us feel good. As long as you're not hurting anybody, it's no one else's business but your own. Isn't it time we liberate society's conservatism?


Address: PO BOX 1021, Albion Park Rail, NSW 2527

Hours: 24/7

E-mail: info@vividq.com.au

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