Inner and Outer - Can your underwear boost your confidence?

Inner &
Outer Can your underwear boost your confidence?

For the majority of us, we love to feel attractive, appreciated and confident in the clothes we wear. Sometimes our confidence comes exclusively from our fashion choices. But do we necessarily need to wear these clothes on the outside for that confidence boost?

I remember going to an event in Sydney billeted with a few high-profile speakers. I sat down and listened to a few addresses and one thing has stuck in my mind, even 5 years later. It was the notion, explained by the very successful business woman and Australian icon, Ita Buttrose, that even if we aren’t feeling confident, motivated or inspired, once you put on a great outfit - that you love - it can completely turn your confidence and mindset around for the whole day.

It was this concept that kept running through my mind in regard to men’s underwear. If it can be utilised for outerwear, why not underwear? Why not lingerie for men? This is where the inspiration started and VividQ was born.
We weren’t expecting to find much in the way of men’s lingerie manufacturers or wholesalers during our research phase. We were pleasantly surprised, however, when we did find a handful available and to also find out that it is becoming growing, global trend. Some men now desire the sexiness allowed to them through this newly created fashion niche.

Although this may be the case, there are still beliefs in many social circles that men who wear lingerie are gay or cross-dressers. While this may be the case in some circumstances, this is not always so. There are plenty of men out there who will actually wear their partners underwear at home or out in public because it’s:

  1. taboo;
  2. comfortable (women’s underwear is usually much softer);
  3. or provocative.

So, the big question is this. What effect does this have on the girlfriend or wife of a heterosexual man? How would they or do they feel if and when they see their boyfriends or husbands putting on thongs, capris, lace or other ‘non-traditional’ underwear? Does it make them happy? Indifferent? Disgusted?

Well, the truth is that men who put on spicy underwear have confessed that it makes them feel very comfortable and confident in most activities they carry out – whether it be at work or the gym, at home or out - some men who tried also reported that they felt ridiculous in them.

At VividQ, we get this. Depending on the style of the underwear and your own personality and taste, it may very well be much too far out of your comfort zone. Nevertheless, with this growing trend and the move towards men buying their own underwear at a much larger scale, men’s partners and society as a whole may have no other option than to learn how to accept it.

Picture this. After a long day at work, you come home and are welcomed by your boyfriend or husband putting on your lingerie or panties. What would you do in that situation?

At first, you may freak out; you may roll your eyes; you may be immediately turned on! But the one truth here is that he is obviously, at least, a little bit curious or has done this in the past. It is something he is wanting to explore.

Although you might be surprised at first, the reality is:

  • It enables men to be more self-expressive. Not only can men show who they are in what they do and say, they can express who they are underneath their clothes to their partners or anyone else they want to show.
  • It can spice things up in the relationship. Men who like putting on lingerie are more likely to be more expressive in their relationships and like to kick things up a notch in the bedroom. Not only can it fulfil their fantasies, but it can also make them feel free whenever their partners accept and admire their effort. It provides a feeling of sensuality and can make men feel much more confident once they discover their partners are willing to accept this new side to them. No longer does it have to be left to women to be the only ones to gussy up in lace and garters to spice up their sex life.
  • It can help men explore their feminine side. We’ll get this point out of the way immediately – Femininity for men, or effeminacy, is not a dirty word. For men who love wearing lingerie or panties or more revealing underwear cuts, it gives them a feeling of freedom and expression more often seen being practiced by women.
  • It can provide comfort. Some men who wear lingerie have confessed that it is a “stress reliever”. They feel more comfortable sleeping in panties after a long day work as they are not as heavy as male boxers or briefs and are more than likely much softer and stretchier.

Whether you like it or not, the new trend in men’s undergarments is here to stay, and it’s growing. Men are more likely, now, to buy their own underwear; not just out of necessity when the elastic dies, but as a fashion statement for themselves or the world to see – and if this means they want to wear lace or don a thong or g-string, then buckle up! It may be a hard ride for the naysayers.