5 Reasons Men Can & Should Wear Thongs

5 Reasons Men Can & Should Wear Thongs

Thongs… let me guess, the first thing that came to your mind was women’s underwear, right? If not, congratulations! You’re likely already unshackled from the stigma and shame thrown upon men for what they wear. Or you already own a pair or two - you sexy beast, you.

Stigmas and judgement aren’t only passed at what men wear. Women get told what they should wear all the time. They "should wear lingerie for their man to keep him interested", or "don't wear lingerie, it’s only there so you can be objectified by men". It’s all so confusing!

While we may not be experts in women’s underwear, we can sure as hell enlighten you on the reasons why you, or your man, should get into a comfortable, well fitted thong.

Oh, and ladies, wear what you want, fuck other people's judgement! 

1. They are surprisingly comfortable.

Now let’s be honest, thongs by design don’t have the most amount of fabric, and this works to their advantage.

The lack of fabric gives you the freedom to move around and allows a comfortable airiness at the back. And you all this while your package is fully supported – often times better than boxer briefs.

Thongs for men  are built to support your manhood with strong and durable materials, despite the handkerchief amount of fabric.

2. Boost to your confidence.

Remember when you were a kid, and you did something wrong and got away with it?

How good was that rush? That feeling that you're the only one that knows what has happened?

We’re obviously not saying wearing a thong is wrong – you could wear a chicken suit and we’d still think you're awesome! When you feel sexy underneath your clothes, it shows in your outside persona. You can feel that sense of delight and wonder knowing that just underneath those tight pants you’re wearing barely anything, and no one knows about it.

3. No visible undies line.

Talking about tight pants, the worst thing when sliding on your super skinny jeans is having your briefs or boxer briefs roll up and show a ghastly line (or what I affectionately call a speed hump) across your upper leg. Well, the aforementioned lack of fabric is pretty self-explanatory in this situation. There is no fabric to bunch up your leg.

If your priority in those tight jeans is to show a little more of EVERYTHING, well thongs have a lot less bulk that could pad up those all-important contours, leaving you free to show off as much as you like without having to go commando.

4. Don’t just be sexy – be über-sexy.

Show off your cheeks, your upper legs, and practically your whole body. Tease and entice.

While you can get some pretty sexy briefs with Latin styles, cutouts in the perfect positions, mesh or sheer material, thongs just seem to have that edge. Everything important is covered up, yet enough is exposed to spark the imagination and get the blood pumping. Which brings us to our next point:

5. Explore your sensual side.

Hey, men of the world...

Actually, I’ll rephrase that. This point applies to everyone.

HEY WORLD! What if I told you that exploring your sensual side was not a “gay thing” as the traditional homophobic macho bullshit idea would have you believe, and that your sensuality has no correlation with your sexuality? I'd be crazy, right?

Thongs are a great way to ease into the exploration of your sexual thirsts. Countless women love it (and don’t tell me you don’t – I’ve seen Magic Mike 😉) and it’s not like straight up buying fetish wear either. They’re erotic enough in the bedroom to seduce and stimulate – yet sexy enough to wear as a daily pair of undies.

They're a nice transition from your boring old underwear you strip down to in the heat of the moment to something a little more erotic and sexually fulfilling to not only your partner, but yourself.

Whether you’re a huge supporter, not sure, or would never wear a thong because hey, it’s just not your thing, I want you to know that it’s okay either way. I want you to know that you have a CHOICE. I want you to be empowered to stick the middle finger up to the backwards medieval conservative views that look down on progress and do what you want to do. Wear what you want to wear.

But most importantly - be your true self.